Car Seat Safety

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Car seat safety wasn’t a topic that crossed my mind as a first time parent. I assumed that as long as you read the instruction manual and utilized the LATCH system, your child’s seat was installed correctly.

It wasn’t until I attended a car seat safety class, that I learned Luna’s car seat had been installed wrong for a year and a half! This was a wake up call for me, especially since I had another little one on the way.

I encourage all parents and caregivers to become educated on how to properly install a child’s car seat.

Tips on Car Seat Safety

Attend a Class

Attending a class will shift your perspective on car seat safety. In the class I attended, there were different videos and visuals that really brought things into perspective for me. What I like about a class setting is: you’re able to learn from other parents in the class. Concepts that you may not even think of, will most likely be brought up by someone else in the class.  Like they say, “two heads are better than one !”  

Typically, classes are taught by a certified Child Passenger Safety (CPS) technician that can answer all your car safety questions.

Have Tech Inspect Your Installed Car Seats

If you aren’t sure about a tech in your area, go to your local fire or police department and inquire about a car seat check. Most of the time, you can find a certified tech who will do the inspection for free. You can check here for places near you that perform inspections.

Learn How to Install Car Seat Safety Yourself

Whether you attend a class or go for a safety check, ask to be shown how to install your child’s car seat.  Practice a few times while you’re with the tech, so you can install the car seat properly by yourself at home.

Then, teach people who drive around with your child how to safely install car seat.

Anyone who is going to be driving around with your child should know how to properly install their car seat!


Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

As cliché as this may sound, don’t be afraid to ask questions!!  You know the saying : “A closed mouth doesn’t get fed”.

Asking questions enables you to have a firm understanding of car seat safety.

Never pass up an opportunity to learn! When you know better you do better. Your babies are depending on you:)





** Don’t forget to read the instruction manual and register your car seat!

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