Momzelle Nursing Top Review

I dreaded buying maternity/ nursing clothing when I was pregnant with Luna. Everything I came across wasn’t appealing. So, I refused to buy anything! The few items I did buy for breastfeeding I hated them. The clothing either  fit awkwardly on my body or they weren’t actually breastfeeding friendly.

Then came Momzelle and completely changed the game!

Momzelle is a Montreal-based breastfeeding apparel shop, that’s run by a lovely husband and wife duo. They design stylish, yet practical nursing clothing. Not only does the company sell breastfeeding apparel, they also have transitional maternity wear. It’s a one-stop shop!

This review is for the nursing top Sophie!


Let me just start off by saying this is the most comfortable top I have period! Whether you’re breastfeeding or not this top would be a great addition to your wardrobe especially for fall/ winter!

On to the review:

The Sophie top is similar to a standard sweatshirt, except it has a double layer on the top that allows baby to have full access to nurse. I love that you’re able to nurse your baby, without being fully exposed. The dual layer is super convenient. Unlike other nursing apparel, you don’t need to unclip and then re-clip anything in order to feed baby. All you have to do is lift up the top layer and nurse!

One thing that has discourage me from purchasing nursing apparel is: often times it’s hard to find stylish nursing wear. I’ve noticed with a lot of maternity / nursing clothing, you’re forced to sacrifice style for practicality. Most breastfeeding apparel is pretty plain. Not to mention, having larger breasts makes it harder to find nursing clothes to accommodate them.

But,  *ques music* Momzelle to the rescue! Their clothing will get you right honey!

Momzelle has a great section of apparel to choose from. So, there is something to fit every style. No more plain jane clothing just because you’re breastfeeding!

The best part about Momzelle’s breastfeeding apparel is: their clothing is actually works for larger breast!  This was a pleasant surprise.

The openings in the Sophie top are pretty generous! I also have a dress from them, I’ll be doing a review on, and  the openings were also great for my breast as well.


Overall, I love my top. It’s quality, stylish and has an amazing fit!

Check out some of Momzelle’s clothing here.



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  1. This is awesome! I have the hardest time finding cute nursing clothes. I’m definitely interested in seeing what else Momzelle has!

  2. Great to know! It’s super cute! I’d love to see how it looks when you’re not nursing. It’s so hard to find cute nursing tops that are comfy and not obviously nursing tops.

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