Cloth Diaper Review: CooperRose

This is my first ever cloth diaper review!! I’m so thrilled to introduce you all to this amazing company!

CooperRose is an eco friendly brand; whose mission is to advocate for natural parenting options (i.e cloth diapering, breastfeeding, use of natural products, and babywearing) for families in communities lacking support.

A lot of times people who live in these communities don’t realize they have options.

No one encourages you to breastfeed, because “ that’s not what we do‘round here”.

You aren’t told that toxins are in disposable diapers and are harmful to your baby.

And you’re damn sure not encouraged to babywear! You know, because holding your baby will “spoil “ them.

These misconceptions are holding communities and generations back! There needs to be an open dialogue about parenting options. People in these communities need the education and love passed to them, so healing can being in the community.

Sorry for the little rant! BUT, this is a conversation that needs to be addressed.

Discovering CooperRose was SO delightful. Not only are children of color being represented (as they should be),but they are being affirmed and uplifted by this brand!

On to the review:

I love this diaper y’all! It’s definitely my favorite diaper! For obvious reasons of course, ( come through young, brown, & gifted), but it’s a quality diaper #takeallofmymoney!

This is a pocket style diaper. CooperRose also sells a cover version of the pocket diapers.

The pocket style diapers come with two hemp & organic cotton  inserts.


When I say the inserts are the softest thing ever, y’all these are the SOFTEST ever! I absolutely adore them!

The inserts are super absorbent, which is a major plus.

You can lay the inserts directly in the inside of the diaper, or you can stuff them inside the pocket.



I prefer to stuff my inserts in the diapers. But, if I’m in a rush (or being lazy)  the inserts will stay on the outside!

The placement of your inserts doesn’t affect the absorbance.

This  diaper has been washed a handful of times and all of the letters are still intact!


I kept contemplating if I wanted to actually wash the diaper or just hold on to it as a keepsake.

Y’all deserve an honest review, so I washed it…

Each time, everything stayed perfectly intact. No color fading or warped lettering!

Everything about this diaper in BOMB!! I recommend this diaper.

You can get your very own Young, Brown & Gifted diaper here.

I must add, that this company is  ran by an amazing black business woman! You won’t be disappointed purchasing this diaper or any of her products.

Even if you aren’t a cloth diapering mama, please donate to CooperRose’s cause.

Thank you CooperRose for making a difference in our community and  most importantly representing people in underserved communities.



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