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In undergrad, I had all the time in the world ( of course after class) to do my hair! Sis, I would change up my hair every 1-2 weeks. My motto was: “ if you see me in public and my hair isn’t done, that wasn’t me”. Hair WAS life!

Now that I’m a mom, my priorities have shifted. Honestly, I don’t have time to do my hair.
Well, at least not as often as I would like.I miss the freedom of having the time to change up my hair!


Being the innovative mama that I am, I always have a solution to everything 😉

*ques drumroll* ISSA WIG!


Wigs are a game changer for moms! You can slap it on your head before you drop the kids off… before you head to the grocery store…before a date night… Your possibilities are endless!

Not, only are wigs super convenient, but they are an awesome way to protect your natural hair.

Wearing wigs has given me the ability to be versatile with my hair again! #mamaagothergrooveback

Typically,I prefer to wear lace front wigs. They are the most natural and easiest to blend.

Looking to purchase a wig ?! Well I have the perfect one stop shop: Divatress

Divatress is one of the best leading websites to purchase hair and beauty products! Their site has a huge selection of hair and beauty products to choose from. They have sell both synthetic and human hair.

Not to mention, Divatress has something for everyone’s prices range! Whether you’re looking for something for one night or something to last you, Divatress has something for you! I love their selection ad reliability.

You can check out their selection of lace front wigs here.


How do you feel about wigs?

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