Itzy Ritzy: Milk Boss Review

Hey Beloved, I’m coming to you guys with another review. This is a review for Itzy Ritzy’s Milk Boss!

The Milk Boss is a feeding support pillow. As you all know, I’ve been breastfeeding since 2015, with only a few months in between children for a break ( I KNOW, I KNOW). Needless to say, I’ve had my fair share of trial and error with nursing pillows. So, I’ll be able to give you a real run down of my experience with this pillow.

Right off the bat, this pillow isn’t just for breastfeeding moms. As I mentioned, this is a feeding support pillow. Formula feeding moms are welcomed too! This pillow is for meant for any caretaker.

Breastfeeding is just how I choose to fed my child and what works for me.

Tip: If you are planning to breastfeed, a nurse pillow is crucial in your journey!


Initially when I got the pillow, I had in my head that I needed to adjust the pillow the same way as the models portrayed it on the box. I kept trying twisting, rotating, and sliding the pillow up and down my arm trying to figure out how the models did it.

GIRL, Liam was SO frustrated!

He gave me this look like, “ So are you going to feed me, or keep playing with this pillow”?!

Nevertheless, there is no set way to adjust the pillow! Do what works and is comfortable for you and baby. Remember that, what works for you isn’t going to work for someone else. That’s okay!



One thing I love about the Milk Boss is its convince! It’s small, lightweight, and compact which makes bringing it on-the-go ideal.

A lot of nursing pillows tend to be crescent shaped. This design is to enable the pillow to go around mom’s waist to assist with feeding.

Let me just say this, my husband is not putting that thing around his waist to help feed our son! It’s just not happening.

The Milk Boss is designed for any caregiver! The unique egg- like shaped design lets you to have the maximum amount of support while feeding baby. This will help eliminate awkward feedings!


Not only can you using the Milk Boss for feeding support, but you can also use it to lay your baby on to burp after a feeding!


In comparison to other the feeding support pillows, the Milk Boss is on the less expensive side! You can get this pillow for 24.99! That’s the perfect price point for a feeding pillow.


The only real “con” I have is: I wish there was a slip cover to put over the Milk Boss. You can wash the entire pillow, but as you know it might take awhile to dry. With a cover, you would have the flexibility to take it off and just wash it rather than the entire pillow.

No major complaints!

Final Thoughts

All in all, I’m really digging the Milk Boss! It makes feeding your baby less of a hassle. The Milk Boss is a convenient and affordable way to assist with feeding you little one! You can get your Milk Boss here.


Playdate ft. The Milk Boss <3

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